Hello! Welcome to StorytellingPR.

Miriam Attwood is the founder of StorytellingPR. She has twelve years of experience in press relations and holds a degree in Drama & Theatre Arts with a concentration in Arts Journalism from Queen Margaret University. Miriam has held roles at some of the most prestigious arts organisations in Scotland: Media Manager at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society in 2009, 2010 and 2011, Press & Digital Officer at the National Galleries of Scotland 2011 – 2013 and positions at the Citizen’s Theatre Glasgow and Edinburgh’s Arts Venue Summerhall.

Since 2013, Storytelling has provided independent publicity to artists at the Edinburgh Fringe, working with huge productions, one-person shows, political theatre, and alternative comedy. StorytellingPR expanded overseas in 2015 and has represented artists at the Adelaide Fringe ever since.

The Team

Miriam Attwood

I’m Miriam – founder, and Miriam A of the Miriams. I am a huge fan of theatre and live art, Storytelling may seem like a genre of performance but to me every piece of art is storytelling, hence the name.

I started out in festivals working in the press office at the Edinburgh Fringe, the biggest open arts festival in the world. Having trained as an journalist and having an avid obsession with the media (newspapers back then), I realised I could help artists connect to their audiences, support great journalism, and be in the room with the world’s best theatre makers.

These days, I am thrilled to work with a wide range of individual projects, and being able to put feminist and queer work first. Working with Summerhall, Briefs Factory and many other self-starting, self-funding brave and brilliant performance makers from across the world is a privilege. I come to the work with an insider mindset, having been on so many sides of the desk. I get incredibly invested in my artists and do still get a kick out of ensuring that artists and audiences alike have the best experiences they can. I also can be found on Don’t Speak, a new podcast by myself and Arts Writer Amy Taylor.

Mim Black 

With a longterm love of performance and visual art, at Storytelling I’ve found my niche. In working disjointedly at Summerhall since 2011, I fell in love with experimental performance art – I really do believe that art can change hearts and minds and save the world. Getting to work with the game changers on our books is an incredible honour and privilege!

Harry Harris 

Hi! My background is in journalism, music and content editing, and all told, I’ve somehow managed to get five or so years experience doing that in some nice places, before landing here, the nicest of them all. I love good stories and good characters, and try to be enthusiastic by default.


Miriam combines the fierce get-it-done-ness that you want in your PR with an intuitive and sensitive approach to the process of matching artists with the right audiences and tastemakers. She’s super smart and super cool. She’s enthusiastic and she’s savvy. She loves what she does and she loves her clients. I work with her whenever I can.” – Deanna Fleysher – performer, director, clown, hero, heroine.

“If Absolutely Fabulous ever created a publicity guru, it would be Miriam Attwood. She has the panache. She has the connections. She has the glam. But unlike her potential Ab Fab version, Mim is real, and she cares a lot about the artists she works with. She is passionate and puts her heart into the projects she is working on. You always feel like you have a giant team of sassy cheerleaders in the audience when she comes to your shows.” – Barnie Duncan – numero Juan performer