Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

Brighton Fringe 2019

Adelaide Fringe 2019

Vault Festival 2019

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

We are more than proud of all these beauties. We have shows all over the festival again this year. And if you want to say hello to Miriam, Mim, Harry & Bonnie (our newest team member!), we’ll be in the Summerhall Press Office all month.


Adelaide Fringe 2018

Both of the Miriams headed out to the world’s second largest arts festival in 2018. We were back at the Royal Croquet Club on the riverbank – PLUS worked with all of these delightful creatures:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017

2017 saw us joining forces with new production company (and old mates) Civil Disobedience, and continuing our work with Aurora Nova, Hey Boss! & Briefs Factory. We also headed up the Summerhall Fringe ’17 Press Team, based in the Dean’s Office.

StorytellingPR Edinburgh Fringe 2017 shows included…

Adelaide Fringe 2017

At ADL 2017, we once again managed press at the Royal Croquet Club, and worked on a bunch of cool shows across the festival. These included…

And and and…

EDI 2016

Anya Anastasia, Briefs Factory, Compagnia Baccala, Counting Sheep, Cuncrete, Figs In Wigs, Gravity & Other Myths, Hot Brown Honey, It Folds, Marcel Lucont, Moscow Boys, My Eyes Went Dark, White Rabbit Red Rabbit
Hillary Clinton Young Lover, Thom Monckton, Sirqus Alfon, Sweatshop, Team Viking, The Blind Date Project, Tomas Ford, Under Ice, Angela Wand, zazU

ADL 2016

Adam Page, Briefs Factory, Butt Kapinski, Hot Brown Honey, Juan Vesuvius
The Last Great Hunt (Bruce, Fag/Stag), Sam Halmarack, Scotch & Soda, The Wine Bluffs

EDI 2015

17 Border Crossings, Maria Rud: The Animotion Show, Spitfire Company’s Antiwords, B-Orders, Calypso Nights, ZENDEH Cinema (Iran 78), Dolls, The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven, Hotel Paradiso, Idiotsyncrasy, Lost Dog’s Paradise Lost, The Miss Behave Gameshow, Ndebele Funeral, Near Gone, Portraits In Motion, Titania, Vera Tussing’s T-Dance, zazU

ADL 2015

Calypso Nights, Gravity & Other Myths, HEX, Hot Brown Honey, Little Egypt’s Speakeasy, The Lost WW1 Diary,  Trixie & Monkey: The Time Is Ripe, Peter Baecker