We’re hiring.

Storytelling Press / Digital / Comms Expert


Experienced communications person required for cool Edinburgh based PR company.

We are a small team based in Edinburgh who work with projects around Scotland, the rest of the UK and sometimes the world. We will get to know a market and work in it, as a mad as it sounds, whenever the work is good enough.


StorytellingPR has grown organically to a four strong team, we work around our lives rather than our work, which somehow means we manage to have more energy and love for our artists. What has never been organic is our support for queer, marginalised, feminist, politically minded art, companies and creatives from around the world and this is the through line in all our work.


We are looking for a full time member of the team, which is a huge step for us – with experience in comms, marketing, digital, PR, whichever area you’ve learned the trade in. We work very closely as collaborators with our artists and companies so it is brilliant for us if you have experience of the trade, theatre, visual arts, performance art and showbiz.


**If you heard Miriam A on Guilty Feminist – hello! This is the next job advert on from the one we mentioned on the podcast, so we’re looking for someone with further experience in the area but we are so happy to hear from you if you’re an intersectional wonder with shiz to offer.**



  • At least 5 years marketing and PR experience
  • Good with words and great with (making your own) jokes
  • Excellent at turning a story into a release of piece of copy
  • Gif knowledge
  • Awareness of what makes something fly, from a vibe through to an image or a person, we need you to be intuitive.
  • An ability to work quickly on the ground and manage lots of tasks in one go
  • An overarching awareness knowledge of digital marketing, social media and the machinations of such platforms
  • A finger on the pulse (i.e aware that media is a constantly changeable beast)
  • Based in Edinburgh
  • Experience being behind the scenes at big festivals and events and an awareness of everything that comes with
  • A healthy diet of live performance – whether that’s gigs, comedy or theatre IRL



  • Experience running social media campaigns
  • Experience with Facebook advertising and marketing
  • Knowledge of or experience managing data admin
  • Experience running photocalls, working with broadcast and industry insiders


What we’ll give you

We work based on a made up model based on real life. You get 35 days of holiday as per, and if you are on top of all your projects there is always room for your life (i.e additional holiday).

We work 10 – 6 when there’s daylight in Scotland and 10 – 5 when there’s not. You will be expected to attend events and performances as part of the role and there will be travel involved around Scotland and the UK.

The salary is negotiable based on experience and will be in the ballpark of £22,000 – £25,000. We aim to increase team salaries annually.