Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016

2016 was our biggest and busiest year yet. We are so incredibly proud of every one of these artists; winning Fringe Firsts and Total Theatre Awards, filling houses and making noise!

Angela Wand
Only Bones (credit: Gemma Tweedie)
Pss Pss - Compagnia Baccala (credit: Otto Moretti)
The Pianist (credit: Heli Sorjonen)
Under Ice
Counting Sheep (credit: Dahlia Katz)
Gravity & Other Myths (credit: Steve Ullathorne)
The Blind Date Project

Aurora Nova

A Simple Space – Gravity & Other Myths

“Deftly structured, with humble yet outrageously talented players, A Simple Space features some of the freshest, most entertaining circus around.” – Fest ★★★★

“Gravity and Other Myths are the future of contemporary circus.” – Broadway Baby ★★★★★

‘Blank’ and ‘White Rabbit, Red Rabbit’- Nassim Soleimanpour

“Blank is an embracing, generous experience” – Fest ★★★★

“‘Blank’ aims like a sniper, not only at your mind, but also at your heart.” – ThreeWeeks ★★★★

Counting Sheep – Lemon Bucket Orkestra

Scotsman Fringe First winners, Total Theatre Award nominated and Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award shortlisted

“a primer for protest, even for revolution” – Matt Trueman ★★★★

“It is both volatile and celebratory, a communal act, an exercise in togetherness, but also an exercise in following, in mob behaviour.” – The Stage ★★★★

“A gloriously messy barrage that sees us mucking in, manning barricades and embracing the still beautiful idea of revolution as carnival. ” – The Herald ★★★★

“Counting Sheep: the polyphonic protest show that puts you inside Kiev’s Maidan” – feature by Mark Fisher in The Guardian

Moscow Boys

“You never know what to expect.” – The Scotsman ★★★★

“In a grey world, the Moscow Boys are an exhausting rainbow.” – TV Bomb ★★★★

I Am Somebody – Sirqus Alfon

“Joyously silly, with added smarts.” – ToDoList ★★★★

Only Bones – Thom Monckton

Nominated for Total Theatre Award for Physical/Visual Theatre

“acutely inventive physical tomfoolery” – The List ★★★★

“It’s calming, at times disconcerting and often very funny” – WhatsOnStage ★★★★

Pss Pss – Compagnia Baccala

“seriously clever clowning” – The Scotsman ★★★★

“a gem of a show, abundant with gentle wit and buckets of charm.” – Broadway Baby ★★★★★

The Blind Date Project

“By the end, even the audience falls in love.” – ThreeWeeks ★★★★★

“An hour of unadulterated fun” – A Younger Theatre ★★★★

Under Ice

“dark , disturbing and very funny, acted with precision and angry energy.” – David Pollock, The Scotsman ★★★★

“a genuine scream of rage and terror from the “liberated” East.” – Andrew Haydon

Wounded Animals – Angela Wand

“Everything about Wounded Animals feels just right… a lot of sass and soul.” – The Skinny ★★★★


Hot Brown Honey (credit: Dylan Evans)
Sweatshop (credit: Kate Pardey)

Briefs Factory

Hot Brown Honey

Winners Total Theatre Award Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form

“It’s phenomenal – sexy, foot-stomping fun and radical consciousness-raising all at the same time.” – The Scotsman ★★★★★

“a big, bawdy and bootylicious cabaret show” – Sally Stott for i


kick-ass entertainment and a shot of political savvy without ever taking itself too seriously.” – The Scotsman  ★★★★

“This is not just titillation, this is empowerment and a massive “f*ck you” to conformity.” GrumpyGayCritic ★★★★★


“combining boylesque, circus, acrobatics and drag with a whole lot of filth and a dash of politics.” – Ben Walter, The Scotsman ★★★★

“empowering and positive, energetic and shameless.” – ScotsGay ★★★★


My Eyes Went Dark - Matt Wilkinson (credit: Bronwen Sharp)
Figs in Wigs (credit: http://www.stillsmoving.net/)
Team Viking (credit: http://www.stillsmoving.net/)
Marcel Lucont's Whinelist (credit: Adam Robertson)
Torte e Mort - Anya Anastasia (credit: Kate Pardey)
It Folds - Junk Ensemble/ Broken Talkers (credit: Futoshi Sakauchi)
On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me as Her Young Lover
Tomás Ford's Craptacular!
Cuncrete - Rachael Clerke (credit: Paul Samuel White)
zazU - Raisins to Stay Alive

Cuncrete – Rachael Clerke & Great White Males

“a thundering, sickly collision of punk rock and modernist architecture… an exhilaratingly bleak swansong for the grey, hard dreams of powerful men.” – The Stage ★★★★

“Rachael Clerke is a very talented and very angry theatre maker” – TV Bomb ★★★★

On the conditions and possibilities of Hillary Clinton taking me as her Young Lover – Show Pony

“It’s comedy for a generation of Googlers, with allusions that speak to breadth rather than depth of knowledge, and it’s top-notch satire to boot.” – Fest  ★★★★★

Often Onstage – Figs in Wigs

“Figs in Wigs is an all-female company seriously devoted to looking unserious, and the result of that dedication is one of the most delightful hours on the Fringe.” The Stage ★★★★

Marcel Lucont’s Whine List

“Marcel Lucont is a consummate showman and his control of the room is exemplary.” The List ★★★★

“Every wag of the finger and wearied eye-roll elicits giggles.” The Skinny ★★★★

My Eyes Went Dark – Matt Wilkinson 

“MacAninch is superb. The less he does, the more he transfixes.” Matt Trueman ★★★★

“Cal MacAninch delivers a remarkable, contained yet intense performance.. a chorus of female characters – all played with terrific focus and flexibility by Thusitha Jayasundera” – Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman ★★★★

Team Viking – James Rowland

“Heart-lifting and incredibly moving” “James Rowland’s debut solo show, Team Viking, is as accomplished a piece of storytelling as you could hope to see.” – Natasha Tripney, The Stage  ★★★★★

“Because this isn’t just a heartfelt tribute to friendship, nor a plea to pillage life for all it’s worth, it’s also a quiet critique of masculinity and maturity.” – Matt Trueman, Fest ★★★★

Torte e Mort: Songs of Cake and Death – Anya Anastasia

“Anastasia shares her many talents generously. One minute she becomes a hip-hop skeleton, the next she’s singing wittily to her almost flamenco-like ukulele playing or slipping in and out of costumes as an irreverent Aussie Grim Reaper and a no holds barred – verbally at least – talking head.” – The Herald ★★★★

It Folds – Broken Talkers/ Junk Ensemble

“harrowing and elegiac… at once haunting and beguiling” – The Stage ★★★★

“Melancholic but beautiful, strange but full of hope” – The Scotsman ★★★★

Tomas Ford – Craptacular!/ Crap Music Rave Party

“It’s a Tomás Ford show, so it still has elements of a hostage situation. And it’ll still leave you grinning from ear to ear.”  – The Scotsman ★★★★

 zazU: Raisins to Stay Alive 

“It’s silly, strange and, of course, very, very funny.” – ThreeWeeks ★★★★★