Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

2015 was another amazing year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with sell outs, new comers, returners – all in all it was pretty special. Some highlights of the festival’s coverage listed below – dive in.

17 Border Crossings
Butt Kapinksi
Jesus Queen of Heaven
Calypso Nights: Juan, Two?
Paradise Lost (lies unopened besides me)
Miss Behave's Gameshow


Calypso Nights: Juan, Two?

“a radical departure from the navel-gazing observational comedy that saturates the festival. It’s Doctor Brown, the Mighty Boosh and Sascha Baron Cohen in one man. It makes for an exceptional hour”The National

“Juan is a delightfully bonkers host… impossible to resist his Latin charm” – ★★★★ The List


Butt Kapinski

“A master craftswoman at work” – ★★★★ Fest Magazine, Edinburgh

★★★★ The List, Edinburgh

This is not audience participation, this is immersive comedy like you have never experienced. And we love it” – ★★★★ Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

There’s a skill to coaxing audiences into this level of spirited involvement, and Fleysher has it in (Sam) spades” – Brian Logan, The Guardian


zazU: Fete Worse Than Death

“There is mystery, intrigue, murder and quiche” – Fest Magazine

“the most eclectic range of eccentrics yet”Edfringereview.com


Miss Behave’s Gameshow

“It’s well hosted with a bitter, cynical edge and also features a deranged manic gay bloke dancing like his life depended on it” – ★★★★ The Mirror

“You MUST go and experience a genuinely unique experience in a world of generic mediocrity”Daily Record

“Camp and canny” “Miss Behave rubbing the unwitting audience’s collective nose in its desire to win at any cost” – ★★★★ The Times



“powerful poetic fable” ★★★★ – Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“An ingenious piece of multimedia theatre”  ★★★★ – Three Weeks 

“ZENDEH’s understated production rings with warmth and humanity” ★★★★ The List


Jesus Queen of Heaven

“Jo Clifford’s moving and infinitely graceful The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven … deserves more than a consumer rating”Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“a profound and immersive experience” – The Scotsman

“The whole performance – tender, thoughtful, somehow sacred – feels like a gift” –  Exeunt


Aurora Nova
These Berlin producers know the very best performance, from theatre to circus and everything between, touring the world, and with decades of producing experience behind them it’s an absolute pleasure to be part of the team.


“Their onstage relationship is beautiful, poignant”Total Theatre

WINNER: Total Theatre & Jacksons Lane Award for Circus


“very dark but exciting to watch. It makes Cirque du Soleil look tame”★★★★★ British Theatre Guide

“Dolls is a picturesque performance which hints at society’s run-down, rotting and bleak bigger picture”★★★★ Edinburgh Guide

17 Border Crossings

“It may be one of the most elegant shows on the Fringe”  – ★★★★ Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

“Phillip’s delightful travelogue is less hard-hitting than witty, gently erudite and humane” – ★★★★ Allan Radcliffe, The Times


“a funny, clever show that will not only prompt you to muse on the eternal struggle against oppression”★★★★ Fest Magazine

“body language deployed by both performers is hilariously, accurately, expressive even when they have both sunk several pints, for real”★★★★ Mary Brennan, The Herald

Hotel Paradiso

“weird and wonderful show not to be missed” – ★★★★ Alan Chadwick, Daily Mail

“Beautifully observed, polished, poigant and incredibly funny… this is a boisterous, bold, brilliant slice of life
” – ★★★★★★ Edinburgh Evening News


Into our fifth festival programme the Summerhall Festival gained no shortage of national and international press attention.

“Thank the dark gods for Summerhall”Jonathan Jones, The Guardian

Summerhall “has played a major role in reinventing the fringe”The Guardian, Lyn Gardner

“You could spend the entire three weeks at Summerhall and never be bored for a second” The Guardian, Lyn Gardner


The Place at Summerhall

“Like all the best fringe productions, Lost Dog’s Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) achieves great things with brilliant economy of means” – ★★★★★ The Observer

“inspired escapade from versatile writer/performer/choreographer Ben Duke… a clever, deep and hugely enjoyable show” – ★★★★★ Evening Standard

“warm, fabulous and funny show, but it also makes us vividly and unsettlingly aware of the altered states that we and the dancers can undergo during the course of a performance relaxed likeable show” – Judith Mackrell, The Guardian (on Idiot-Syncrasy)

“From the first moment Urzelai and Solinas walk onto their white stage, their innocent grace showers the theatre” –  Total Theatre